As the parent of a public school student, Brad knows first-hand the importance of supporting New York's public schools and its teachers, who should be commended for their dedication to education our children. Brad will continue to press New York State to fulfill its constitutional obligation to provide a sound basic education to its schoolchildren. He will also continue to be an advocate for the CUNY system, which provides high-quality and affordable education to hundreds of thousands of students in the five boroughs.

SUPPORTS smaller class sizes and comprehensive education programs by advocating for increased state aid to our schools, improving the teacher-to-student ratio, building more schools and opposing cuts to art, music, health and physical education

SUPPORTS a balanced approach towards mayoral control of our public schools by giving our parents a greater role and more resources through the Community Education Councils.

OPPOSES the Education Investment Incentives Act, which would undermine two longstanding American principles – free, universal public education and the separation of church and state. This bill would siphon money from the state's general fund that should be used to support our public schools while providing government subsidies for private schools, including parochial institutions.