Health care is a right, and New Yorkers should not go without medically necessary services – including primary, preventive and specialist care, reproductive, mental health, dental and vision care, hospitalization, prescription drug and medical supply costs – for fear of how they will pay their medical bills. Brad believes ensuring affordable and accessible health care should be a priority of the New York State Legislature, along with measures to protect the public health. He has passed legislation to increase access to life-saving meningitis vaccinations and to direct the New York State Department of Health to study the effectiveness of urgent care centers.  

SUPPORTS a universal, single payer health care system to ensure comprehensive health care coverage for all New Yorkers regardless of income.

SUPPORTS efforts to promote vaccination of infectious diseases, including mandating the HPV vaccination for school children, expanding pharmacists' ability to administer vaccines, and repealing non-medical exemptions to vaccination requirements.

SUPPORTS the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, which would ensure that hospitals maintain a responsible ratio of nurses to patients.