Brad recognizes that 2008 recession and the slow economic recovery since has taken a toll on working class families in New York. He was a strong supporter of raising the state minimum wage to $15 an hour and passage of the nation's strongest paid family leave law. Brad will continue to support measures in Albany that increase working class families' take home pay while steadfastly guarding against budget cuts that would harm New York’s most vulnerable populations.

SUPPORTS work shift fairness legislation to curtail the practice of "on-call scheduling" and other practices that lead to unpredictable work schedules that can wreak havoc on the lives of low-income workers and their families.

SUPPORTS efforts to close the gender wage gap, including requiring state contractors to publicly disclose whether or not their company has a wage gap and prohibiting employers from requiring job applicants to provide their prior salary history.

SUPPORTS creating a more equitable and progressive taxation system, and repealing regressive tax policies -- like tax breaks on private jets and luxury yachts -- that disproportionately favor the wealthy at the expense of lower-and-middle class families.